Your Own Business

Your Own Business

Roughly 80% of the wealthiest people in the United States got that way by building their own businesses.  Just think that there would not be any companies at all in our capitalist system had it not been for that one person who had that one idea and the courage to break out on his or her own.  Somewhere, sometime, it all started with one, lone entrepreneur.  Well, why not you?  God has that one unique idea for you and your business. 

You could either start a new business or buy an existing business.  These strategies would include franchises or network marketing as well, or working as a self-employed consultant in your existing line of work.  

But whichever route you choose to have your own business, even if it starts out as a small, part-time venture, the advantages are great.  This includes tax advantages as well.  It’s a great legal tax loophole that Congress allows because they know the economic benefits to this country by encouraging entrepreneurs to have their own businesses, which means growth and jobs and so on. 

Now, don’t go out and quit your job until you have enough consistent income from your business to survive and replace the income you currently receive from your job.  You could start a side business while you’re working full-time, or start investing in real estate, or write a book on the side, and work to build income in that side business until that income is enough to allow you to quit your job.  But you first have to take the time and make the effort to educate yourself in those areas by taking advantage of the resources available on this website. 

There’s nothing wrong or second-class about having a job, but what I am saying is just don’t get comfortable with that job and rely on it as your sole source.  Your job may be nothing more than a foundation and a training ground for your own business.

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