Real Estate

Real Estate

Whether your desire is to quit your job and get into real estate full-time, or you just want to add some appreciating assets to help in your retirement, or restart in real estate because you did it the wrong way, everyone should have some form of real estate in their portfolio!

We know that real estate investing is one of the best avenues to create wealth. God created real estate, and it’s valuable because He is not making any more of it!

It is interesting to note that if you study the lives of some of the wealthiest people in the country, past and present, you will find that even though there is a diversity of investments and businesses, one common thread in almost every one of them is real estate.

How many of us have thought at one time or another, “Wow, if I would have bought that certain house or that certain piece of property ten years ago, look at what it would be worth now?” As much as we would like to be spiritual and say that it just wasn’t God’s timing, we are secretly kicking ourselves for not buying real estate “back when” because we could not afford that $3,000 an acre.

What makes us think that things will be different ten years from now if we don’t act and start buying real estate now? I believe ten years from now, we’ll be wishing we bought more real estate today when “prices were so cheap.”

Most of the time, we don’t take action because we don’t know how or where to get the money. Maybe you believe that real estate investors take advantage of people. Maybe you’re afraid of a real estate bubble. All of these reasons boil down to one thing: FEAR!

One of the biggest mistakes we make is waiting for all fear to disappear before we are willing to act. Wealthy people have fears, but they just don’t let these feelings stop them. God never told us to stay comfortable. In truth, the only time we are growing is when God is stretching us to bring us to a new level, even in our finances, and that’s not always a comfortable position to be in.

Perhaps you have heard the “horror” stories of people who tried real estate investing, or “landlording,” and they had a bad experience with “problem tenants” or “maintenance headaches.” They don’t hesitate to tell you all the reasons why real estate doesn’t work. These are the people who usually just dived headlong into the old, traditional methods of “landlording” without educating themselves. Some of these well-meaning people will consider themselves experts since they have bought a house or two, but chances are they did not buy it right, they did not finance it right, they did not market it right, they did not manage it right, and now they are blaming everything but their own lack of education.

Most people simply buy real estate rather than first investing in learning about real estate. With the real estate materials provided to you through EPIC Wealth Strategies, you can be on your way to learning the correct way to invest in real estate – with excellence, honesty, and integrity. We trust these materials are an answer to prayer and a new beginning for your financial freedom.

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