Many people have asked me about making money on eBay. While I haven’t made any substantial income from eBay (with the exception of the occasional item I want to get rid of around the house), I have heard of many success stories. There are people working part-time from home making millions of dollars just selling on eBay! Who would have thought that?

There are too many success stories for me to ignore the subject, and eBay is not a fad that’s going away anytime soon. In 2004, eBay had over 115 million registered users. In the same year, $28 billion in transactional dollars was spent on eBay. There are 79 million searches and 7.7 million bids placed every day. Sellers on eBay gross $50 million combined every single day. It could very well be an additional income stream for some who may feel drawn to the world of eBay.

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