Client Feedback

Client Feedback

“Your teachings are changing people’s lives. They changed our lives! It is inspiring to hear your story and the stories of others who God is blessing through your teachings.

We are honored to know you. You have been a great support to us. You could have achieved success, given money to the church and settled in and gotten comfortable. However, I never see you rest in your passion to see others achieve all that God has for them in the area of financial freedom. God has truly placed a call on your life to bring kingdom principles of finances into the forefront. And we pray that God will continue to open the doors as you boldly go forward into all the new avenues that He has designed for you. We are grateful to you for forging the way so that we (and many others) could follow.”

(Kim G.)

“Wow. That was powerful. I have never experienced any seminar like that. The testimonies were amazing. It is awesome to see God work in the lives of so many different people from different circumstances. He truly has a plan and a purpose for all of us.

Your seminar was like an MBA case study in entrepreneurialism from a Kingdom perspective… all crammed into one day.”

(Kevin D.)

“Mark, I just wanted to let you know, I’ve just read your “Twelve Biblical Wealth Principles” ebook! I loved it! What a timely encouragement!!! This is something God’s people need to hear and understand. I’ll be re-reading this several times in the next few days and weeks as i try to better apply this to my life! Thanks for being an encouragement to so many!”

(Ricky M.)

“Let me start off by saying to you about your training CD’s on “Multiple Streams of Income”: “WOW!” Totally awesome. First and foremost I respect and appreciate the spirit and the tone of your delivery. You make it so personal and down to earth. I am so happy I made the decision to purchase your CD’s because it helps reinforce what I have been saying to myself and others about multiple streams of income and how more than ever now in these tough economic times we need to develop these streams. Changing the way we think is so key to becoming wealthy. Then once we have changed our thinking, we then need to put those changes into action (Faith without Works is Dead).

So I thank God for you, Mark! Continue to let God use you. I will began telling all who will listen to purchase your CD’s and become more wiser, fruitful, enterprising and giving. For it is God who gives us the power to obtain wealth. We just simply have to be yielded vessels.

Be Blessed!”

(James B.)

“Mark’s teachings represent a new paradigm for both personal and church growth. He’s not teaching get-rich-quick schemes, but true biblical principles that can work in any believer’s life.”

(Bishop Jim Bolin, Trinity Chapel)

“Mark has made an impact in my life. My husband was hurt on his job he had been at for 25 years and he was forced into partial disability and retirement, but if he got another job, we would lose his disability check. He shared with us how Jim could have money coming in through real estate without having a ‘job.’ I was skeptic, because at the time, we had not had a real paycheck in nine months and God was sending people to us to help us pay our bills. We couldn’t afford the house we were living in, much less buying other houses! We were at rock bottom and we didn’t even have a savings account, but we finally decided that this would work.

We now have three houses and we’re hoping to have ten this year, and it does work! Instead of my husband working 70 hours a week like he used to, we have more time for ministry, and that opportunity will increase as we get more houses. What I thought the enemy had done was really a God thing!”

(Rhonda D.)

“Growing up I was always told to be careful with money. Observing how well this philosophy worked for my parents, I decided there was no way I was going to live paycheck to paycheck like them. God allowed me to come in contact with Mark and my life has not been the same since. He opened my eyes to another way of looking at life and finances. Now I am on my way to becoming financially free by 27 and a millionaire by 30.”

(Brandon C.)

“At the seminar, I learned that when God gives you a dream, even if it’s something you’ve never heard of before, even if there are other people who laugh at your dream because they say it can’t be done, to hang in there and do it anyway because it’s the right thing to do. And that had a great impact on me.”

(Tim S.)

“Through your teaching, we are encouraged to know that God is not a respecter of persons, that He’ll do the same for us that He’s done for others. We learned that a part of apostolic entrepreneurship is reaching out and helping others. The more we pour out and pull people up, the more God pours into our lives, and blesses us, and gives us more opportunities. We know this is just the beginning for us.”

(Joey L.)

“I had a light bulb come on at this seminar. This was no doubt ordained by God. I feel like a walking millionaire already and this is where it starts to take place. I will recommend this workshop to anybody for the glory of God and the building of the Kingdom.”

(Jeremy G.)

“Mark, thank you so much for all your instruction, time, and counsel and most of all your friendship. These principles have helped us break out of the debt grind and unlocked wealth that we are now using to strengthen our family’s financial future.”

(Joel J.)


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