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What Wealth really means (and DOESN’T mean)…

This is an audio I just recorded that shares my heart about what “wealth” really means (and doesn’t mean).  I did a similar audio a few years back that some of you may have heard, but I have revised/added a lot of things since I’ve learned a few tough lessons financially since then. It’s 36 minutes [...]

Do you still believe in wealth? [Your Responses]

A couple of weeks ago, I sent out a few questions to my list.  They were… Do you still believe in wealth and prosperity?  Or have you been kicked down so much in the last year or two that you don’t really know what to believe?  Does the very word “wealth” now have a negative connotation?  [...]

Marketing Secrets of the Bible

Matt Gillogly is someone I’ve followed for a number of years, and have had the privilege to speak with.  He helps other Christian entrepreneurs with their business marketing. This is a fun fast paced interview with Matt that I think you’ll find interesting and enlightening.  It’s about 38 minutes long. Nothing to sell, just good [...]

Our Upcoming Debt Free Class Series

First of all, here’s the link to the webinar replay we sent out yesterday… It’s an hour long, and remember, due to technical challenges (translated, “I didn’t know what I was doing”), the audio doesn’t start until 2-1/2 minutes into it. But if you don’t have an hour to spare, below are a couple [...]

Get Out of Debt Webinar Replay – Time Sensitive!

If you missed the webinar Sunday night about your personal financial blueprint and your get-out-of-debt plan tailor-made just for you… …you missed a doozie! (Did I spell that right?) But the good news is we are offering a replay link. Here it is… You can listen to this at your convenience, but as you [...]

This is not just another “get-out-of-debt” seminar

You are personally invited to a FREE online webinar event this Sunday evening, Nov. 7th, at 9:00 p.m. ET.  This online event covers how you can be debt-free (including your mortgage) much faster than you can imagine, along with saving for retirement, no matter what your age.  Go here to register… There are many [...]

[Webinar Invitation] Your Personal Financial Blueprint

You are personally invited to a FREE online webinar event this Sunday evening, Nov. 7th, at 9:00 p.m. ET.  The registration link is below, but first, the details… Around the end of 2009, I had an epiphany… It dawned on me that even though I’ve been right on teaching people about creating wealth through businesses, [...]

Those who trust in the Lord shall not be disappointed

I just read two really good books that I am recommending to you. The first is called “Those Who Trust in the Lord Shall Not Be Disappointed.”  Do you feel there are things the Lord has spoken to you, dreams and visions that He has given you, but they have not been fulfilled?  I believe [...]

Understanding the Real Estate Market (Step #3)

This is the last of the three steps in this short blog series… Step #1 is Getting Out Of Debt. Step #2 is Starting Your Own Business, The Low-Risk Way. Step #3 is Understanding the Real Estate Market. Notice I said “understand” the market, not necessarily “buy” or “invest” in real estate.  It all depends.  [...]

Starting Your Own Business, The Low-Risk Way

I hope you enjoyed the last blog post for Step #1, Getting Out Of Debt… Now, for Step #2… Everyone needs to start a business of some kind of their own, even if it’s something small on the side. With unemployment numbers extremely high, and no guarantee that things are getting better (now I’m not [...]


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